Jesse, How did you find out God’s will in marriage?

God’s ways are not standard and He knows what’s  best for each of His children.  After He saved me, I understood the true meaning of finding out God’s will in everything. Now while marriage was my next major step in life, I sought the Lord for His grace & mercy. 

It was at this time God introduced me to Silas, my husband. I began helping him in his website yet I wasn’t sure if He was God’s will for me. Surely, I was attracted towards him ( virtually, as I had never seen him) yet I did not take any step until I was sure enough about it. I also sought advice from a God fearing friend of mine. And as you have read about our story, Silas did not accept my proposal of marriage as he wasn’t ready at that time to build a home. Though I had known that well within my heart, my flesh wanted to haste all things. And thus, was God’s faithfulness revealed. Even though I was weak, He did not allow me to fall. In a way Silas closed the doors.
Now, I began to seek God’s will afresh. I praise God that He taught me so many valuable lessons during that period of waiting. He made me wait, made me give up my will & only then did He grant me His will which was actually my will altogether!!!
So I truly believe that God’s will and God’s time are inseparable !!
I came to the point when I cried to God that Lord I will no longer reject any proposals. If you are my Father, you will bring Your will into my life. I will not pull a handle and close the door neither will I push the handle to shut the door..Here I am !!!!
And then step by step God began revealing His plans in our lives. He prepared the hearts of people whom I did not even know to pray for me. He closed doors and opened the door that was His will. Through Red seas He brought us together. And at the end of all today I can boldly proclaim that yes..Silas is God’s will for my life because when I laid Him down on the altar, the Lord returned him back to me.