Your vow you made to each other was different, why?

I had been to a couple of wedding ceremonies and closely watched the CFC weddings as well. While everything about these weddings excited me a lot, I always considered the practice of reading out the wedding vows either by the Pastor or by the bridegroom & bride from a piece of paper to be very mechanical. Also since they were reading out the vows, neither the bride nor the groom would have an eye contact and thus literally mean those vows as being spoken to each other from their heart.

I shared this with Silas, and expressed a desire to have the wedding vows spoken from our hearts and not mere dictated sentences.

When he discussed this with Bro. Zac, he too seemed to be very supportive of this and also gave a live demonstration of how we could personalize our wedding vows. And this is how we gave a personal vow to each other on our wedding day.