Who among you took the first step?

Jesse: First & foremost, we strongly believe that it was the Lord who had lead me to Silas’ Christian movie site & then lead me to regularly suggest a few edifying & clean movies. This in turn lead him to put across the option before me to consider helping him maintain the site.

As we had mentioned earlier, we virtually came to know about each other in the month of February 2014 & by June 2014 I began helping him in his site. It was about the beginning of September 2014, we began a few informal chats sharing with each other our personal testimonies. By December 3rd week, I had realized that he was the only man I was now communicating very frequently & that too without the knowledge of my uncle.
My conscience pricked me & at the same time as I had begun considering marriage, knowingly or unknowingly I had now developed feelings for him. I expected him to initiate a step. I prayed about it & believed that he was God’s will for my life, though honestly speaking I wasn’t sure about it. I desperately wished to share this with my uncle yet how could I unless I knew what Silas thought about me. And so finally after discussing this matter to a close, godly, friend of mine, I made up my mind and wrote a proposal mail to him in order to know what he felt about me & what was God’s will.