When and how did you get to meet each other for the first time?

The 30th of September, 2016 we got to meet for the first time at his place in Bangalore, later to realize that we got engaged on that day.

It was nearly two and a half years since the proposal mail, though I knew that he was God’s will for me, yet since there was no commitment from his side, I moved on — laying my isaac on the altar. It was time when a particular alliance was fast progressing. I was in a weekly prayer meeting asking the Lord to reveal His will to me. I got a clear re-assurance that His will was already revealed to me. There was a strong urge in me that gave me the confidence and boldness to face my uncle and tell him that Silas is God’s will for me.

Though I trembled with fear to mention Silas’ name to uncle after two long years, yet God gave me a strange boldness, to fearlessly bring this matter before my uncle. On hearing the matter, my uncle got furious and sent me away to my room. And later by mid night 2 AM, he called me back and along with aunt and got me seated and began inquiring about CFC, Silas and how I found out, that it was God’s will.

As God moved the heart of the king to heed Nehemiah’s request, similarly the Lord moved my uncle’s heart to proceed with this matter. The following day he called Silas’ parents and decided on the day to meet and discuss further.