A no make-UP bride

As daughters of our loving Heavenly Father, we have certain desires and convictions when it comes to our – yes Our own wedding Day. Yet how many of us are actually able to carry it out or stand firm on these..?

Now, if you have sought for a Godly man, you would reap glorious treasures out of it!! So why not begin it now..!! What’s your priority in life ?? What do you seek for ? Is it to please others or please your Creator?

All throughout my single days….I had desired to go makeup less on my wedding day….yet I was also aware that a mutual understanding with my groom was required for that as it involved the both of us. Today i should say – Just two p(P)erson matters most to me on my D day… Him firstย  & him second !!
Ask and it shall be given unto you !! Today is the day to consider these small yet significant things …. Tomorrow might be too late for the day !!

[10/3, 01:09] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): I don’t wish you to have any extra makeup than your normal…
[10/3, 01:10] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): And also with your hair… No extra unusual hair do which almost looks awkward on any bride even in……….
[10/3, 01:10] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: ๐Ÿ™‚
[10/3, 01:10] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: i am already for it
[10/3, 01:11] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: so cute a request
[10/3, 01:11] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): Wow… Thank you..!
[10/3, 01:12] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): I’m thankful to God answering even my silent petitions…
[10/3, 01:12] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: i will try to self style it ๐Ÿ™‚
[10/3, 01:12] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): Have a bun or do anything… But no sprays, gels or wax
[10/3, 01:12] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: just left her hair lose
[10/3, 01:13] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: loose
[10/3, 01:13] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): Hmm… Nice
[10/3, 01:13] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: no no…will be cutting my hair shorter
[10/3, 01:13] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: to an extent. that i could leave without looking very thin.
[10/3, 01:13] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: not bun
[10/3, 01:13] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: i dont like buns
[10/3, 01:14] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): I hate those who spoil their God given beauty by artificially trying to beautify themselves and ending up patti kaadu
[10/3, 01:14] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: yes..no sprays, gels or wax!!
[10/3, 01:14] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: for sure…no straightening or even curlying
[10/3, 01:14] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): Okk
[10/3, 01:14] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): I’m very glad…
[10/3, 01:15] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: i cantย  believe
[10/3, 01:15] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): You’re a gem…!
[10/3, 01:15] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: now i can gladly do what all i wished for
[10/3, 01:15] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: have a support !! from the person..who matters most on that day
[10/3, 01:15] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: who will matter most *
[10/3, 01:15] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): Hmm… 2nd most
[10/3, 01:16] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: next to my sweet friend JESUS
[10/3, 01:16] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): Hmm
[10/3, 01:16] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): ๐Ÿ™‚
[10/3, 01:16] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: ๐Ÿ™‚
[10/3, 01:16] Jesse Lalhrietkim Hmar: i was aware of that
[10/3, 01:16] Silas Zechariah V(SVZ): Hmm… ๐Ÿ™‚ So sweet of you… I just can’t believe it…